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Networking increases use of internal directories tenfold

The recent update of our Connect tool has increased usage by a factor of ten, though there is plenty of scope to improve further. More than three times as many people used Connect in July as used it in the previous month. And they looked at ten times as many user profiles. But the current user base is still only just over 5,000 – around … Continue reading Networking increases use of internal directories tenfold »

Connect Four

The Knowledge Management Team have spent three weeks trialling our internal networking tool Connect among people we invited to connect with us. Each week we’ve seen an increase in the number of users, visits and page views, an increase in the average length of each visit and an increase in the number of people updating their profile. Last week the internal communications team sent out … Continue reading Connect Four »

Connect – week three

Last week saw the final seven days of the Connect trial, with visits climbing again by nearly 25% to 2944, while page views increased by over 30% to just under 25,000. A total of 1584 people used Connect in the week before the official launch. We managed to get most kinks sorted out before Internal Communication’s main communications went out last Monday, which was great … Continue reading Connect – week three »