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Video: Social Media @ Work

Useful new short film from Red Sky Vision featuring Neville Hobson, David Ferrabee and Richard Dennison, among others: “There is disconnect between how immersed and digitally connected employees are outside of the workplace, and how their internal communications are being delivered. On the ground, employees are still posting printed communications on the water cooler when they can be engaged, led and informed via the latest … Continue reading Video: Social Media @ Work »

Interviewing senior business leaders for e-learning

I spent much of May and June either pointing video cameras at senior executives or huddling over an editing suite to enhance their ruminations on career management. We’ve collected stories we’ll share through an internal on-line elearning tool whose goal is to encourage people to take responsibility for managing their own career. Coming from the knowledge management angle, I couldn’t help slipping in the odd … Continue reading Interviewing senior business leaders for e-learning »