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Another leap forward for Morley Memorial School’s website

Thanks to fellow parent and graphic designer Andy Linney, Morley Memorial Primary School’s website has a handsome new header incorporating the school’s emblem. Existing versions of the emblem scaled poorly, so Andy redrew it some existing elements of the school sign to produce a bold image which is new, yet familiar. The same colours give the rest of the site a wonderful sense of unity … Continue reading Another leap forward for Morley Memorial School’s website »

Morley update 2: more snow

One week on from last week’s snowfall and we get an even bigger deluge – and even more traffic to the Morley website. Last week the snow quadrupled visitor numbers, as parents checked the site to see if the school was open. Today the number of people checking the new site for news about the school increased tenfold. The weather forecast evidently had an effect … Continue reading Morley update 2: more snow »

Morley update: snow news

One week on from the new Morley school website update and “disaster” strikes: snow! From 6am, concerned parents were checking the site – nearly 40% on mobile devices, compared with only 15% throughout 2012. By around 8am, the caretaker had informed the headmaster the school could open and enough teachers could be found so an announcement could be posted to say that the school would … Continue reading Morley update: snow news »