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Recruiting Communicators – MCN London Meetup

I am not a pragmatic man. If I were, I would have asked for an alternative venue to be found for last night’s Melcrum Communicators’ Network meeting as soon as I was out of hospital. Having no experience of recovering from surgery I overestimated my return to fitness, foolishly basing it on my rather hasty discharge (from hospital). If you end up in surgery, do … Continue reading Recruiting Communicators – MCN London Meetup »

Designing Great Events

Following some requests from the Melcrum Communicators’ Network, here are my notes from the first London Group meeting back in September. Great events 1: identify your stakeholders Who stands to benefit from the event you are holding? The first part of designing a great event is to consider who the stakeholders are. Our discussion about the event we were attending looked at the following groups: … Continue reading Designing Great Events »

Sustainability – Fifth Comms Network meeting

The fifth meeting of the Melcrum Communicator’s Network London Group last night and there’s still not a snappier name for the group! McNelog, M.C. NLG – someone please put us out of our inelegant misery. Anja Boisten at Hill and Knowlton hosted and I had a lot of fun peering into the strange buildings around us and wondering what the people were up to in … Continue reading Sustainability – Fifth Comms Network meeting »