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“Welcome to the Creative Age” by Mark Earls – book review

Hugh MacLeod’s recent questions for Mark Earls prompted me to buy Mark’s first book “Welcome To The Creative Age – Bananas, Business and the Death of Marketing” – the book which Hugh says changed his life.If I was expecting to be blown away from the first page I was disappointed. Instead, Mark builds his case about creativity through the first chapter until thirty pages in … Continue reading “Welcome to the Creative Age” by Mark Earls – book review »

‘Brands… a load of crap’

Not my words, but those of marketing writer Mark Earls who thinks it’s time to replace brands with something he calls the Purpose-Idea Mark Earls has just published “Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature“. Herd is Mark’s second book, following “Welcome To The Creative Age“, a book which marketing cartoonist Hugh MacLeod says changed his life. In Ten Questions for … Continue reading ‘Brands… a load of crap’ »

Cowboy Junkies

Seth Godin writes about Cowboy Junkies failure to score a follow-up hit to their 1988 album “The Trinity Session“. What made “The Trinity Session” so successful was a compelling story which created a word-of-mouth cult: “a Canadian band recorded an album live in a church in one day using a single stereo microphone.” That’s a pretty strong story to go up against. And it’s not … Continue reading Cowboy Junkies »