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LSE Complexity Research Programme: Leadership and Complexity

Being just around the corner from The London School of Economics, I signed up quickly when this event popped up in David Gurteen’s events feed. Hosted by Prof. Eve Mitleton-Kelly who founded the LSE’s complexity Research programme, the afternoon featured presentations from Prof. Sue Richards and Lynne Sedgemore. I’d expected to see more familiar faces, though I recognised Ed Rosen from South Bank University from Gurteen Knowledge Cafés. Prof. Richards spoke about her … Continue reading LSE Complexity Research Programme: Leadership and Complexity »

Internal communicators – ‘Why you’re worth a fortune’

Last night’s meeting of the London Group of the Melcrum Communicators’ Network was the usual mix of compelling presentation and stimulating conversation, not that you would expect anything less from professional communicators. This month Russell-Oliver Brooklands – ROB to his friends – spoke about the need to improve the internal comms process, for which he has come up with the Internal Communication Model for Business. … Continue reading Internal communicators – ‘Why you’re worth a fortune’ »

Above Average Networking

Last night’s MCN London Area Communicators’ Group meetup (there’s got to be a better name for it – or at least a shorter one) showed what you can accomplish with a positive attitude. With the scheduled facilitator pulling out 24 hours earlier and several people deciding not to attend at the last moment, it could’ve been a disaster. Instead, Matt O’Neill and David Paul pulled … Continue reading Above Average Networking »