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Intranetters XVI: Intranet Innovation Awards 2014

Every autumn, Step Two Designs announce the winners of their annual Intranet Innovation Awards. Intranetters has hosted a special event to showcase the winners and present them with their awards for several years. This year, thanks to Sally Roberts, we were kindly hosted by Macfarlanes LLP. Martin White – on hand along with Sam Marshall to present the awards – pointed out the importance of … Continue reading Intranetters XVI: Intranet Innovation Awards 2014 »

"…Steak knives..!"

Dave Snowden notes an interesting development in the life-cycle of KM. Amusingly, we’ve taken a similar approach to popularise KM in British American Tobacco, creating a series of products known as KnowledgeBuilder, CommunityBuilder and IdeaBuilder.Perhaps we could offer three products for the price of two? Though only for a limited period, naturally.