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Avoiding blah blah blah content the Interact way

Australian intranet author James Robertson recommends the Interact approach to web design and usability Earlier this year, British American Tobacco hosted a meeting of the Intranetters community of practice for intranet managers. As well as demonstrations of Interact and EDF’s intranet, Australian intranet author and consultant James Robertson of Step Two spoke about the winners of the 2009 Intranet Innovation Awards. James was so impressed by Interact that he included several … Continue reading Avoiding blah blah blah content the Interact way »

"What’s my motivation?"

No sooner had I composed yesterday’s post when David Gurteen tweeted this TED talk in which Dan Pink talks how rewards narrow focus and restrict possibilities in creative tasks: Dan quotes research by Dr. Bernd Irlenbusch of the London School of Economics: “We find that financial incentives… can result in a negative impact on overall performance.” Engagement “…derives from self direction”, autonomy, mastery and purpose: … Continue reading "What’s my motivation?" »

"Trust, dignity and respect…"

I read the following sentence in a recent job description : “We work to treat staff, customers and collaborators with dignity and respect…” and the more I thought about it, the more remarkable it seemed. Imagine employees being treated as people instead of resources. You’d never hear the phrase “Can I borrow you?” (to which I am always tempted to respond “Of course, if you … Continue reading "Trust, dignity and respect…" »