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Connect – two weeks in

Week two of Connect passed without a major setback – which was good, because Simon was on holiday. We’re getting some feedback on the manageability of the homepage (no, you can’t turn off the feed once you’ve activated it – the genie is out of the bottle, there is no going back!), so we’ve reduced the number of updates visible on the page. This may … Continue reading Connect – two weeks in »

One week of Connect 2.0

It’s a week into our experiment with internal (“not-social”) networking system Connect, so I was interested to see whether people were using it. To test the application is available globally I’ve connected to people around the world, leading one colleague to dub me the Lily Allen of Interact. While a few of my contacts have amended their status to show what they’re doing, most of … Continue reading One week of Connect 2.0 »