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“Welcome to the Creative Age” by Mark Earls – book review

Hugh MacLeod’s recent questions for Mark Earls prompted me to buy Mark’s first book “Welcome To The Creative Age – Bananas, Business and the Death of Marketing” – the book which Hugh says changed his life.If I was expecting to be blown away from the first page I was disappointed. Instead, Mark builds his case about creativity through the first chapter until thirty pages in … Continue reading “Welcome to the Creative Age” by Mark Earls – book review »

Ten Must-Read Feeds

When I met up with Tony Quinlan recently, there were two things we both agreed about blogging. One was that we both wanted to contribute something original and worthwhile. There seems to be little value in pointing out something Euan Semple or Hugh MacLeod is saying to readers who are most likely to be reading those blogs already, unless we can add to the conversation. … Continue reading Ten Must-Read Feeds »

Best Birthday Present Ever

My partner was kind enough to furnish me with a birthday present today. Never mind that my birthday is in February – she was heavily pregnant then, so I let her off. Then she surprised me with Quentin Blake‘s “Drawing For The Artistically Undiscovered”.I want to improve my drawing skills. Visualising ideas is becoming more and more important in workshops, brainstorming and especially when storyboarding … Continue reading Best Birthday Present Ever »