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How does an intranet support knowledge management?

Most organisations seem to have adopted intranets for communication and collaboration, but how should an organisation’s intranet support its knowledge management activities? From communities of practice to blogging and ultimately internal social networking, it’s something I’ve grappled with over the past eight years – trying, failing and hopefully learning at each stage of development. It’s a journey I reflected on in a recent article for Inside Knowledge … Continue reading How does an intranet support knowledge management? »

Succeeding by connecting

A nice story about internal social networking with Connect from British American Tobacco’s intranet: Connect – joining up the business and keeping up with the times Six months on from its revamp, Connect, our employee directory and social networking tool is basking in the glow of statistics that demonstrate its incredible success throughout the Group. The speed at which the online networking revolution is taking … Continue reading Succeeding by connecting »

Enhancing Connect

We’ve received a lot of advice for improving Connect since we added the networking component earlier this year. We’re now planning the next version, so here are the main contenders: a ‘wall’ for messages (like Facebook) some way of getting around the replication delay when invites are sent an optional message when you invite a connection to join with you send an instant message directly … Continue reading Enhancing Connect »