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Recruiting Communicators – MCN London Meetup

I am not a pragmatic man. If I were, I would have asked for an alternative venue to be found for last night’s Melcrum Communicators’ Network meeting as soon as I was out of hospital. Having no experience of recovering from surgery I overestimated my return to fitness, foolishly basing it on my rather hasty discharge (from hospital). If you end up in surgery, do … Continue reading Recruiting Communicators – MCN London Meetup »

Please allow me to introduce myself…

I’m preparing for a couple of virtual team workshops in Prague and South Africa in the coming weeks. Members of teams and communities need to begin to trust each other quickly. A great way to start is by learning everyone’s name. Psychologists say to learn a person’s name, you should use it three times in conversation as soon as you meet them. This is difficult … Continue reading Please allow me to introduce myself… »

A self-organising community

Anecdote.com is proving an excellent source of stories about communities right now. A recent post about fostering relationships to support early community development highlighted several important factors we’ve included in CommunityBuilder, our framework for launching communities. The latest piece by Krista Schmeling recounts a story about the organic development of an on-line community and their need to meet regularly to reaffirm relationships – like the … Continue reading A self-organising community »