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How does an intranet support knowledge management?

Most organisations seem to have adopted intranets for communication and collaboration, but how should an organisation’s intranet support its knowledge management activities? From communities of practice to blogging and ultimately internal social networking, it’s something I’ve grappled with over the past eight years – trying, failing and hopefully learning at each stage of development. It’s a journey I reflected on in a recent article for Inside Knowledge … Continue reading How does an intranet support knowledge management? »

New paper on collaboration from Anecdote

Since I work with a team who belong to a part of HR called “Culture”, I am excited when I see people looking at collaboration from that viewpoint rather than a purely technical one. Anecdote have just published a white paper on collaboration, written by Shawn Callahan, Mark Schenke and Nancy White. After spelling out the dangers of assuming collaboration to be technology problem, they … Continue reading New paper on collaboration from Anecdote »

A self-organising community

Anecdote.com is proving an excellent source of stories about communities right now. A recent post about fostering relationships to support early community development highlighted several important factors we’ve included in CommunityBuilder, our framework for launching communities. The latest piece by Krista Schmeling recounts a story about the organic development of an on-line community and their need to meet regularly to reaffirm relationships – like the … Continue reading A self-organising community »