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Video: Social Media @ Work

Useful new short film from Red Sky Vision featuring Neville Hobson, David Ferrabee and Richard Dennison, among others: “There is disconnect between how immersed and digitally connected employees are outside of the workplace, and how their internal communications are being delivered. On the ground, employees are still posting printed communications on the water cooler when they can be engaged, led and informed via the latest … Continue reading Video: Social Media @ Work »

“Carry On Up The Network” – Best Network Event Ever?

The publicity for last night’s London Area Communicators’ Group October Meetup was intriguing: based around social networking, it would take place in Clerkenwell Theatre and feature a group of actors. Unsurprisingly given such novelty, it filled up quickly. Arriving early after an energising stroll up from the Thames, I was greeted warmly at the door and asked to complete a profile which I taped up … Continue reading “Carry On Up The Network” – Best Network Event Ever? »

"Trust, dignity and respect…"

I read the following sentence in a recent job description : “We work to treat staff, customers and collaborators with dignity and respect…” and the more I thought about it, the more remarkable it seemed. Imagine employees being treated as people instead of resources. You’d never hear the phrase “Can I borrow you?” (to which I am always tempted to respond “Of course, if you … Continue reading "Trust, dignity and respect…" »