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Making sense of sensemaking 3

I made it along to the fourth Cognitive Edge European Network meetup this afternoon at Middlesex University and in common with the two previous sessions I’ve made it to, it was completely different. This time we used Open Space to allow an agenda to emerge from the subjects proposed by attendees. Julian ran a session on memes Meg led a discussion on the practicalities of … Continue reading Making sense of sensemaking 3 »

Making sense of sensemaking

Friday’s Cognitive Edge network meetup saw practitioners from around Europe, most of whom I hadn’t met before, descend on A La Bécasse to share experiences and work on a Sensemaker project about sensemaking. Tony showed some of the findings from the Mexico leg of Children Of World in an informal session full of practical insight. The advice to introduce a client gradually via high level … Continue reading Making sense of sensemaking »

Start making sense

Last time I was in Portland Place the roads were closed, 5,000 people were on the street, Bono had scaled Broadcasting House and seemed about to plant a flag to commemorate U2’s takeover of the BBC. Happily, my return finds he’s been coaxed down, the roads are once more full of traffic. I’m going to RIBA to see another terrible Celt, the rather more sedentary … Continue reading Start making sense »