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Above Average Networking

Last night’s MCN London Area Communicators’ Group meetup (there’s got to be a better name for it – or at least a shorter one) showed what you can accomplish with a positive attitude. With the scheduled facilitator pulling out 24 hours earlier and several people deciding not to attend at the last moment, it could’ve been a disaster. Instead, Matt O’Neill and David Paul pulled … Continue reading Above Average Networking »

Always late to the party

Adidas sports bags, Sta-pressed trousers, Nike trainers… I’ve never been at the leading edge of fashion, one reason I’ve cultivated a more “classic” aesthetic. I just don’t look good in fashionable clothes. I’m usually the one who signals the end of a trend merely by surrendering to the inevitable. When I get an iPhone I suggest you put yours on eBay, because I guarantee the … Continue reading Always late to the party »