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How does an intranet support knowledge management?

Most organisations seem to have adopted intranets for communication and collaboration, but how should an organisation’s intranet support its knowledge management activities? From communities of practice to blogging and ultimately internal social networking, it’s something I’ve grappled with over the past eight years – trying, failing and hopefully learning at each stage of development. It’s a journey I reflected on in a recent article for Inside Knowledge … Continue reading How does an intranet support knowledge management? »

Ark Group: social software masterclass

Spending too long inside one organisation can distort your view of reality. I like to keep my feet on the ground by meeting people from other organisations and listening to them talk about their intranets and attitudes to social media. If nothing else, listening to people talk about their KM experiences at events like Gurteen Knowledge Cafés gives you the sense you’re not entirely alone. … Continue reading Ark Group: social software masterclass »

Ideas for Enterprise 2.0

I’ve been thinking of the need for RSS in the organisation recently. It hasn’t been pressing, but now we have a feed on the homepage, it would be nice to control and customise it. The other idea I picked up at KCUK 2008 last week was Enterprise bookmark sharing – just upload from the browser and choose which ones to share. Two new ideas I … Continue reading Ideas for Enterprise 2.0 »