Making sense of sensemaking

Published by Richard Hare on

Friday’s Cognitive Edge network meetup saw practitioners from around Europe, most of whom I hadn’t met before, descend on A La Bécasse to share experiences and work on a Sensemaker project about sensemaking.

Tony showed some of the findings from the Mexico leg of Children Of World in an informal session full of practical insight. The advice to introduce a client gradually via high level summaries before delving into the detail of individual stories was particularly useful.

After lunch and a quick stroll around the Grand Place, the group started developing signifiers for sensemaking. Two anecdote circles gave us a set of meanings which the group clustered and then started to create triads, diads (duads?) and prompts. This experience was invaluable to me -working with experts enables so much more focus on the task. I even picked up a couple of valuable insights to help future CommunityBuilder sessions.

The next meeting is scheduled for Amsterdam in December.

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