The publicity for last night’s London Area Communicators’ Group October Meetup was intriguing: based around social networking, it would take place in Clerkenwell Theatre and feature a group of actors. Unsurprisingly given such novelty, it filled up quickly.

Arriving early after an energising stroll up from the Thames, I was greeted warmly at the door and asked to complete a profile which I taped up on the wall. After saying hello to some familiar faces, I filled my plate and glass (several times each) ready for the show. There seemed to be a lot of new faces and it wasn’t just because I’d missed the social events over the summer and the most recent meetup. Moving the group to LinkedIn seems to have increased its visibility.

Presented by London Area Communicators’ Group, the evening was a collaboration between The Big Wheel Theatre Company who performed songs and sketches and Jason Buck who ran a social media/enterprise/web 2.0 workshop.

After several introductory sketches and songs with a social media theme, we moved upstairs, passing through offices where employees were engaged in amusing scenarios, for the workshop section.

Jason gave a brief introduction then we were asked to consider the different attitudes to social media tools which might be displayed by four archetypal employees of a fictional company, as exemplified by the characters associated with Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Barbara Windsor and Sid James.

Following the “Carry On…” theme, we were encouraged to cram as many innuendoes as possible into our conversation, something for which I am proud to report our group – “Big End – we give it to you straight up” – won special recognition.

After the workshop, we returned to the ground floor where we were greeted with champagne served by a lady on stilts, which I can confidently state is a first in my experience. There were more songs and a chance to quickly discuss how much we’d enjoyed the evening before departing into the night in the direction of Kings Cross station.

Thanks to Jason Buck, The Big Wheel Theatre Company and Matt O’Neill for organising a great evening.

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Long Dog · October 28, 2009 at 11:10 am

Hi Richard, thanks for the complimentary write up. good that everyone got together and in true social networking fashion – about the people. With regard to the innuendo laden company name you created in the exercise – glad you managed to slip that in (sorry) :o)

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