Melcrum Communicators’ Network London Group: "Living in a wired world; Connectedness for a better work place" with Euan Semple

Published by Richard Hare on

“The Quiet Revolution”

Despite having worked in Knowledge Management for around six years, I’ve never yet seen Euan Semple speak. An odd omission which was happily rectified last night at the National Audit Office which hosted April’s Melcrum Communicators’ Network London Meetup

Euan talks a lot of what to me seems commonsense and I find myself nodding in agreement at what he’s saying… then thinking back and realising how far ahead of the curve his work at the BBC was and that for the most part we’re still catching up.

His observations on organisational politics ring true, particularly where he talks about the fear which seems to pervade any discussion about social tools, when all we’re doing is conducting “…self-correcting conversations in the open.”

What could there possibly be to fear in that?

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