Bookmap: The Minto Pyramid Principle (SCQA)… visually

I had some great feedback from author Mark Earls about the mindmap of his book “Welcome To The Creative Age” which I posted recently. It started me thinking about the importance of visual memory and I wondered if plotting a mindmap of a book’s chapters before reading would help the reader navigate through it. Perhaps publishers should start including mindmaps inside the covers?

Anyway, I thought I should share some of the others I’ve made, so here’s my mindmap of Barbara Minto’s “The Pyramid Principle”, which I wrote about previously.

4 thoughts on “Bookmap: The Minto Pyramid Principle (SCQA)… visually”

  1. peterhwilliams

    Hi. Your mindmap of the pyramid principle is a great summary of a weighty topic. Any chance that I can have a copy of your mindmap source file so that I can use it in my learning about the principle?

    many thanks.


  2. Douglas

    Yes I too would like a copy

    It is time to offer authors our services in Mind Mapping their books so that the fly leaf narrative goes away and a full blown mind map is the introduction to the book!

    Doug Scott

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