Ticking the KPI boxes for all the wrong reasons

Published by Richard Hare on

Ticking the boxes
Reading Tony Quinlan’s observation about how organisations need diversity while managers actively seek to stifle it, I thought perhaps we should start collecting management sins.

There are similar problems with the setting of conflicting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Some managers who are rewarded for reusing existing ideas which save effort, a typical organisational approach aimed at improving the flow of ideas – but it doesn’t work.

The same managers are also rewarded for showing innovation and entrepreneurial flair. But instead of proving they have adopted these principles as a general way of working, the savvy career manager needs only to show an example of each to tick the box and get their annual bonus. The fact they might have taken a costly, innovative approach when there was a reusable idea staring them in the face, begging to be reused is ignored.

It’s one further indictment of the bonus culture and a good reason to consider scrapping it.

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