Enhancing Connect

Published by Richard Hare on

We’ve received a lot of advice for improving Connect since we added the networking component earlier this year. We’re now planning the next version, so here are the main contenders:

  1. a ‘wall’ for messages (like Facebook)
  2. some way of getting around the replication delay when invites are sent
  3. an optional message when you invite a connection to join with you
  4. send an instant message directly from Connect and see individuals’ online status
  5. send an e-mail from Connect
  6. forward/email profiles to other users
  7. send a text (SMS message) to someone’s phone
  8. add information about business trips so people can see if anyone in their network is travelling and plan to meet them, perhaps by changing their own travel plans (like Plazes)
  9. more detail on what people are currently doing (for example, their current project)
    ranking individuals on how helpful they are

As ever, it’s a matter of balancing budget against the effort, so we may not be able to implement all of them this time around.

Yes, photo-sharing was a massively-popular suggestion – it’s currently sitting on the “too difficult” pile while we attempt to get our heads around that particular challenge.

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