Last night’s meeting of the London Group of the Melcrum Communicators’ Network was the usual mix of compelling presentation and stimulating conversation, not that you would expect anything less from professional communicators.

This month Russell-Oliver Brooklands – ROB to his friends – spoke about the need to improve the internal comms process, for which he has come up with the Internal Communication Model for Business. Rob has a fascinating personal story and did an excellent job of identifying the pitfalls of Internal Comms – I found myself ticking all 12 of his list of problems which you may have encountered at some point.

My interest – along with most of those in the room – was piqued when he spoke about seven “triggers” which cause people react to communications by taking one of three roles in the process: communicator, audience or detached observer.

Despite probing, Rob was loathe to elucidate, saying that he’d once tried to sum up in a short period what he usually takes a day to teach and the client had lost a substantial sum of money as a result (“citation needed”).

A great example of “Lost” director J.J. Abrams’s principle of “don’t open the box“..!