Connect Four

Published by Richard Hare on

The Knowledge Management Team have spent three weeks trialling our internal networking tool Connect among people we invited to connect with us. Each week we’ve seen an increase in the number of users, visits and page views, an increase in the average length of each visit and an increase in the number of people updating their profile.

Last week the internal communications team sent out several messages to promote Connect and encourage people to keep their profile up to date. There was a story and a feature on Interact, the global intranet and several e-mails to corporate communications professionals around the group. The publicity doubled the daily visits to Connect from the previous week to over 1000 per day and tripled the amount of data traffic and page views.

By the end of the week, over 4,500 of the 24,000 user profiles have been viewed. Many are viewed multiple times, with 26,850 profile page views in total. By the end of July 8,330 different profiles have been viewed and there have been 16,811 visits to Connect by 5,401 different people.

Comparing the top ten most viewed profiles, different names appear every week, implying that usage is spreading. And it’s spreading widely, with people in over 170 different locations browsing information, updating their profiles and connecting with colleagues.

We expect to see activity reduce in the short term, while remaining widespread. We’ll be watching to see who’s updating their status and what they’re doing that’s interesting…

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