Connect – week three

Published by Richard Hare on

Last week saw the final seven days of the Connect trial, with visits climbing again by nearly 25% to 2944, while page views increased by over 30% to just under 25,000. A total of 1584 people used Connect in the week before the official launch.

We managed to get most kinks sorted out before Internal Communication’s main communications went out last Monday, which was great because the intranet news feature and story caused a stampede of users keen to see what all the fuss was about.

A few issues came back to us, with people in several markets finding they were unable to accept requests. This turned out to be a technical issue which we’ve quickly sorted out. There has also been a steady stream of requests to update the list of British American Tobacco offices around the world. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to get back to us which is helping us get the information updated.

Most exciting of all, to sort out the organisation charts, we’re going to be linking to HR’s personnel information – several months earlier than we’d hoped..!

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