One week of Connect 2.0

Published by Richard Hare on

It’s a week into our experiment with internal (“not-social”) networking system Connect, so I was interested to see whether people were using it.

To test the application is available globally I’ve connected to people around the world, leading one colleague to dub me the Lily Allen of Interact. While a few of my contacts have amended their status to show what they’re doing, most of the updates on my homepage feed show my connections connecting with others. Happily, almost everywhere I’ve invited people to connect with me, the system is working.

NetTracker statistics show a four-fold increase in people using the system and a five-fold increase in page views, while over 450 people have taken the time to update their profile. Is this how we get them to take responsibility for maintaining personal information? We may have an even bigger mountain to climb than I’d imagined. While talking to someone today, they told me how we’d have to link the database to HR information so it could be kept up to date.

Yes, even in the age of Facebook, there are people who think it’s someone else’s job to tell the rest of the world who they are…

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