New paper on collaboration from Anecdote

Since I work with a team who belong to a part of HR called “Culture”, I am excited when I see people looking at collaboration from that viewpoint rather than a purely technical one.

Anecdote have just published a white paper on collaboration, written by Shawn Callahan, Mark Schenke and Nancy White. After spelling out the dangers of assuming collaboration to be technology problem, they look at different types of collaboration and ways to strengthen collaboration culture.

Clear and insightful, it covers a lot of the areas I’ve been working in over the past five years, like communities of practice and storytelling in a realistic common sense manner.

I’m looking forward to the reactions of the people I’ve shared it with.

2 thoughts on “New paper on collaboration from Anecdote”

  1. Nancy White

    I’m looking forward to the reactions too. When Shawn invited me into the writing process, I realized I have been cooking up new perspectives on collaboration at an intuitive level, but hadn’t really looked at them analytically.

    The other piece we did not have time to include is the distinction (and complementarity) of cooperation and collaboration. Clay Shirkey’s new book looks at this issue as well.

    Lots of interesting threads — in a nice big hairball!

  2. Richard Hare

    Coincidentally I’ve just finished reading Clay’s book as well, so this was very timely..!

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