Enterprise 2.0: "The Evolution of Collaboration in Your Business" – Day 1

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I arrived midway through a panel discussion entitled “What Is Web 2.0?” after catching a later train than I’d intended. The debate rambled a little and would have benefited from more structure, perhaps by seeking questions from the audience in advance. I started to think I would have liked to have seen the group picking slips of paper out of a hat and talking about the subjects on them for five minutes..! Perhaps Clive Andersen could facilitate.

Thierry Menard then presented a puff piece for the sponsor’s search engine in which he spent half the allotted time introducing his company Bureau Veritas. Commerce doubtless dictates one shall not bite the hand that feeds by cutting off your sponsor’s advocate, but it was a pity we didn’t really get the meat of what BV have achieved in Knowledge Management.

Bad Web 2.0
This left Ian Lloyd slightly curtailed in his fascinating look at the downside of web 2.0 and how users of assistive technologies such as screen readers suffer at the hands of AJAX and sloppy code in applications like Facebook. This was a real eye-opener and given the legal implications, we might want to get hold of a screen reader and review the new versions of our social media tools before they’re released.

After lunch, former Home Office Head of Information Peter Griffiths gave a detailed breakdown of the areas to consider for governance of social media content. A comprehensive list of questions and worth running past our team later to check we’ve thought of everything.

That left Richard Dennison to close the day with an excellent overview of BT’s intranet with a special reference to social media.

He told how BT is now unrecognisable from the company he joined ten years ago and that without its intranet it wouldn’t exist. Very different from a manufacturing company whose IT function is in thrall to its ERP systems.

I was amused to note they’re about to roll out a blogging tool they’ve also named Blog Central. There must be something in that name… They are ahead of us in many other areas though. While we’re about to roll out an upgraded user directory with networking added, they’re already including networking in their tool, which even features a Facebook-style wall. (I wonder if we can still get that added at this point?)

Richard’s a communicator by profession, which made for an entertaining 90 minutes, as well as setting the bar high for tomorrow. I should review my speaker’s notes…

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