Intranetters II: Centrica and British American Tobacco

 The second Intranetters site visit yesterday was very rewarding for all the effort we put in to organising it. After the intimate round table chat Paul Squires hosted at Eon’s offices earlier this year, the size of this event reflected how Intranetters has grown over the past few months, with 20 people attending.

After a bit of networking over coffee, Rod McLean gave an informal demonstration of Centrica’s Sharepoint 2003-based intranet as people commented, questioned and discussed. What stood out for me was how much the theme of collaboration cropped up while he spoke. Despite having the technology, this is something we still need to work on. It would be good to hear more from Rod about what kind of collaboration they are supporting, whether it’s collocated teams sharing documents, or dispersed teams running projects.

My colleague Simon Hill then showed British American Tobacco’s Lotus Domino-based intranet “Interact” to a much quieter room. Whether they were merely awed by the wonderful corporate-branded colour schemes or the coffee was decaffinated and they’d nodded off was unclear. Nonetheless, Simon pointed out at length how Interact isn’t perfect despite all appearances to the contrary and we still have plenty of work to do.

Looking forward to arranging another visit in the new year (and hopefully sorting out some sponsored wine this time – if there are no licensing or health and safety issues!).

Nic Price writes about the event, casting me as a whistleblower!]

[Update: Jane McConnell writes about Intranetters and Online Information which took place in London on the same day.]