Cognitive Edge accreditation – Day 3

It seemed lighter when I woke up this morning. And the birds were singing, which I didn’t notice yesterday until I was ready to leave.

I am contemplating relaxing for longer while waiting for my alarm when a sickening feeling hits me. I reach for my phone, which I’ve left plugged in and charging all night and find it’s just gone 6:30am. The alarm didn’t ring and I’m one and a half hours behind schedule.

I leap out of bed, dress and within ten minutes I am walking to the station. No time for a coffee, but I’m oddly not hungry, so I settle down with an episode of Cold Case on the Vaio which today doubles as my training PC for the SenseMaker session. I hope a seven year old Crusoe-powered 600MHz machine is up to the job…

Amazingly, I arrive in time for the start of the session. I had wondered whether the third day concentrating on the use of SenseMaker software tools would be of use to me, but Ron was convincing, saying this session would draw everything together.

The demonstration data sets show off the range of SenseMaker’s capabilities. The possible insights are as intriguing as the task of choosing signifiers seems daunting. While I’ve been warned that it can sometimes be difficult to apply the ideas, I can see huge potential for mass consultation in IT strategy and marketing.

My Vaio stands up to the task well enough to follow, but not enough to allow me to sprint ahead. Since SenseMaker is written in Java though, it is easy to move to different systems. And while I can’t yet import data collected in Lotus Notes, it will be possible in the next version, which would make the collection phase simpler in my current role.

An exciting conclusion to three days full of ideas, which I’m going to need to reflect on for some time to really begin to appreciate.